Private Couples Workshops with Co-Founder Joseph Losi

“Over our private weekend with Joseph, we went from a couple who was very worried and anxious about our future to feeling new hope and love. In two “magical” days, we not only learned the ways we are triggered, but we truly took away a few powerful communication tools that has helped re-ignite our loving connection and keeps out of those nasty interactions that had us walking away from each other in anger and anxiety”

Now Offering Private Couples Workshops Starting Fall 2022 – Local or Virtual

Private weekend workshops for a single couple to get unmatched personal attention and privacy with HMTS co-founder Joseph A. Losi.

There will be 4 private workshops – Sep To Early December – with the ability to customize your exact date with 60 day advance booking.

If you’re interested, reach out to us directly to express your interest in a private weekend workshop just for you.

About Our Couples Workshops

Since 2013 Joseph has lead over 30 HMT for couples, with a success rate of close to 80%, along with a decade of couples therapy as an International Centre of Excellence in Emotionally Focused Therapy Certified Couples Therapist.

In this deeply experiential workshop, you will learn the skills that…

  • Repair and build love bonds
  • Create a sense of safety in the relationship to talk about anything
  • Break destructive cycles of fighting or withdrawing from each other
  • Reignites intimacy and passion

You will FEEL the experience for yourself.

You’ll be working directly with Joseph Losi in this private couples workshop, for unmatched personal attention and dedicated support.

Learn more about what the Hold Me Tight approach is all about here

Now it’s time to decide to change the direction of your relationship with Certified EFT Therapist Joseph Losi.


Each Hold Me Tight® workshop includes…

  • Videotaped sessions of couples working through the Emotionally Focused Therapy process.
  • Lectures and demonstrations by instructors trained by Dr.Sue Johnson and the highly regarded Emotionally Focused Therapy Community.
  • Practice exercises with your partner to create greater awareness and understanding of your respective emotional experience.
  • A Hold Me Tight® workbook full of information and exercise to guide practice and emotional deepening of your relationship at home.
  • Private follow-up session at no additional fee!-scheduled at a time of your choice!

“We’ve had the opportunity to do a 3-day private couples intensive with Dr. John Gottman. We never got near to the emotional depth of experience in working with Joseph and Wendy at Hold Me Tight Seattle, on Sept 18th & 19th

We had huge emotional break throughs that we have both been avoiding – by tapping into our deep fears. We came to the workshop having not spoken with each other out of our “supervised” therapy (with Joseph) for over a week. We are leaving making plans for our future…and we can’t wait to get home to have sex!”

Workshop Participant

To Ensure this Workshop is a Good Fit…

Please do not Register if Any of These Apply to Your Relationship

  • Those with active harmful addictive behaviors: i.e., alcohol, drugs, including, pot or prescription rx, pornography, or sex or love addictions.
  • Those with active affairs.
  • Those with a repetitive pattern of domestic violence.

If you are unsure if this workshop is appropriate for you or need further help, please contact us »

“I like how we were encouraged and helped to confront our issues in an open and non-judgmental manner.”

- 2018 Participant

“You created a very safe environment and helped me understand with clear examples that were very valuable in seeing our relationship in a new light.”

- 2017 Participant

““I loved everything about this workshop. The creation of a safe environment to contain this process for all of us. I felt heard and understood by my partner and by all four therapists”

- 2018 Participant

“This workshop was a huge move forward for us. The depth of conversations we got into was so much deeper than we have ever had on our own.”

- 2019 Participant

“We learned a great deal about the fears that have kept our cycle alive and how to slow down and identify the demon cycle. We know the we might not eliminate it, but now we feel that together we can break it and repair more quickly by employing the strategies we learned in the workshop.”

- 2019 Participant

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