This interview was a blast, and we packed in so much knowledge and eureka moments to share!

We are so grateful to Sue Lundquist for having us on her radio show – the Gratitude Cafe – and to be able to share the entire interview with you today.

Just a few of the revelations we discussed on the show include:

  • How EFT works and is able to improve the connection and intimacy of over 80% of all couples in studies.
  • The three words to open up your partner (especially women) and stoke the fires of intimacy and connection. It’s not “I love you.”
  • The greatest gift you can give your children for happy, fulfilling relationships and adult lives.
  • The deeper layer hidden beneath the arguments, anger, and pain, and the real source of the hurt and resentment that creates disconnection between couples.
  • Why the secret to resolving the lingering hurt and miscommunication in your relationship is a felt experience, not a thinking one. We give you the first step to relieving the pain and miscommunication and start to get that felt experience.
  • The steps to creating a safe relationship so you can begin to resolve the fears, hurts, longings, loneliness, and disconnection… and find your way back to intimacy and deep, connected love.

Listen to the The Gratitude Cafe here »

We were nervous, but excited. After hitting it off with Sue already in our pre-interview, we knew this was going to turn out incredible.

As we arrived, the clammer of saws and pounding hammers made our hearts sink a little. How could we be recording a show amidst a thumping, pounding, screeching sea of sound rising from the construction site at KKNW’s radio station?

Entering the studio to Sue and her trusted producer Benny’s welcoming faces, we were relieved to find it quiet and serene.


All of us in the studio – Sue, Joseph, and Cynthia!

Of course, the jitters were still there as we lead up to the red light indicating our LIVE presence to the greater Seattle and Portland area.

They’d already been at it for a couple of hours readying themselves for our show. We donned the headphones and readied the mics….

Show time!

Benny must have noticed that I was a bit nervous- glancing at my notes because he winked at me and Joseph squeezed my hand and we were on the air live with the enthusiastic and “in her zone” Sue Lundquist.

Sue intuitively, and empathically, owned the message of Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT). Her soulful grasp of the experiential healing possible when two individuals tune to each other emotionally provided such a warm welcome for us to share our love of the work we do helping couples heal from hurtful disconnection.

We are so looking forward to returning to the Gratitude Cafe to again share how the methods we guide people through in our couples workshop “Hold Me Tight® Seattle,” can provide a launching pad for a much more connected, loving, and sensual relationship. How any couple can create a relationship free from the “demon dialogues,” and “spin cycles,” that can ensnare even the most skilled communicators.

We were reminded of what makes a team:

  • Two people who know each other
  • Can see each other and respond intuitively to each others’ needs
  • And reach out for each other when one you feels a bit unsteady or unsure

Benny and Sue— Joseph and I — we’re a team and we help couples find that sweet spot with each other where they can trust that “if I need you – you’ll be there to support and encourage and help me thrive.”

That’s what EFT and the methods of Hold Me Tight® Seattle are all about.

Get the free Spin Cycle quiz to resolve the cycle of arguments, disconnection, hurt, and resentment in your relationship here »

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