About Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy

Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy (EFT) is an affirming, caring, supportive way to get out of the “stuck places” we all get into. It helps couples and families move beyond fighting and withdrawing into closeness and security. EFT works to restore the bonds we have formed and secure the connection we desire.

“My spouse and I had breakthroughs for the first time in many years!” 

Research proves EFT’s effectiveness at moving couples through conflict and into healthier relationships. Scientific research studies show that over 70 percent of couples in EFT went from distressed to happy, and 90 percent significantly improved in 15 to 20 sessions. Perhaps more important, the results were stable two years later.

 “For the first time in our relationship, it feels like we now have tools we can use.” 

Skilled and Experienced EFT therapist, Joseph, is trained at guiding couples successfully on their journey. One of EFT’s strengths is its mapping of how couples change and grow toward intimacy. EFT therapists are trained to note the guide posts and help couples create and continue on their path together.

“I appreciated your sincerity and insights during the couple exercises.” 


Revive Your Relationship

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