Remember when love was new? If it’s time to renew and revitalize your connection, our couples workshops will help you revive the spark.

Work directly with our team of veteran EFT couples therapists, in this intimate 2-day couples weekend workshop based on the work of Dr. Sue Johnson. Attend from your own home, anywhere in the world. Limited to only eight couples.

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“The workshop took our re-connecting process to a whole new level.”

Ever feel like you and your partner are stuck in a pattern where you:

  • Feel like you are just going through the motions of a relationship without real, intimate connection
  • Constantly have the same arguments that cycle around again and again
  • Feel unheard and misunderstood instead of seen and held
  • Feel more lonely in your relationship than when you are on your own

EFT is endorsed by the American Psychological Association as scientifically proven and widely heralded as one of the most successful approaches to creating loving relationships and lasting bonds.

Work directly with certified EFT couple therapists Joseph Losi, MA, LMFT and Dennis Eames, MS, LMFT, and EFT therapists with advanced training Kim Eames, MA, LMFTA and Jessica Sather, MA, LMFTA.

Experience the tools for repairing and reconnecting whether you are just starting out in your relationship or have a long term marriage.

We guide you and your partner through facilitated conversations, video presentations, guided exercises and “one-on-one” discussions, to help you reconnect and transform your relationship.

“You created a safe environment to work through difficult situations”

During the workshop, you will get the tools to help you and your partner foster secure and lasting bonds that last a lifetime. You will get the tools to:

  • Recognize the ‘demon dialogues’ that all couples get caught in and discover what you are really trying to say to each other
  • Explore your feelings and needs underneath your behaviors
  • Deepen both emotional and physical intimacy
  • Repair and forgive old attachment injuries
  • Discover deep emotional connection that creates greater bonding and can keep your love alive so your relationship becomes the safe harbor it was meant to be

“The workshop gave us the longing and the tools to get out of the patterns that have trapped us for a long, long time.”

Our Hold Me Tight® couples workshops include:

  • Videotaped sessions of couples working through the Emotionally Focused Therapy process
  • Lectures and demonstrations by instructors trained by Dr. Sue Johnson and the highly regarded Emotionally Focused Therapy community
  • Practice exercises with your partner to create greater awareness and understanding of your respective emotional experience
  • A Hold Me Tight® workbook full of information and exercises to guide practice and emotional deepening of your relationship at home
  • Private follow-up session at no additional fee! – scheduled at a time of your choice!

“You created a very safe environment and helped me understand with clear examples that were very valuable in seeing our relationship in a new light.”

Therapists – earn 14.75 CEU’s. Learn more here »

Now Holding Intimate Couples Workshops in Seattle:

Upcoming In-Person Dates:

Sept 14-15, 2024
Oct 19-20, 2024

2025 Winter & Spring Dates:
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Participant’s Feelings & Thoughts from “Creating New Intimacy” in Over 30 Workshops, since 2013!

“When we arrived on Friday evening both my husband and I were ready to call it quits. When Joseph suggested to all of us that “we were the perfect partners for each other,” I politely nodded but deep down my doubts remained due to our “entrenched dysfunctionalities.”

By the time we left on Sunday we knew that we really are the partners and that our love could be fully restored and grow.

We had tried couples therapy, had read several books, including Non-Violent Communication, but this emotion focused approach is truly unique, effective, transformative and inspiring. Thank you so much!”

2016 Participant

“We were able to quickly and virtually painlessly identify our Raw Spots and recognize patterns that were keeping us stuck. The simple Hold Me Tight Conversation format eliminated the need to over-explain and get off track and lost in conversation… so that we could find understanding and resolution in a loving compassionate and supportive way.
2021 Participant

the workshop provided the framework we needed to crack open some lingering hurts and get started with healing and repairing

Spring 2019 Participant

“Amazing how deep we could go in just a short period of time. We guidance and facilitation we had meaningful discussions on important relationship issues that were long overdue.”

Fall 2015 Participant

“I learned that vulnerability can be difficult but essential for a loving relationship. I felt that after opening up to my wife.”

Fall 2018 Participant

“I was very nervous. I did not know what to expect, but the format was fantastic. Between the video’s, lecture, break-outs and debriefs…all were very powerful and for me truly life changing. We were close to divorce, but now we feel hope.”

Spring 2018 Participant