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Stay tuned for 2024 workshop dates!

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We’re sold out for 2023. Stay tuned for our announcement of our 2024 workshop dates!

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Join the Premier Hold Me Tight® Weekend Couples Workshops with a team of Veteran EFT Couples Therapists led by Certified EFT Couples Therapist Joseph Losi, MA, LMFT.

An intimate, 2-day, in-person weekend workshop limited to only 8 couples.

Designed to rebuild love bonds and deepen connection through a deeply experiential process, based on over 30 years of EFT research and the work of Dr. Sue Johnson.

Work directly with Joseph in private break-out sessions, to give you the safe space to put everything you’re learning into practice.

Heal old attachment wounds, break long-running patterns, and reconnect in a way you never could before.

Includes one follow-up, private session at no additional fee!

Upcoming Dates:

Feb 25-26, 2023 SOLD OUT
May 20-21, 2023 SOLD OUT
Sept 16-17, 2023 SOLD OUT
Oct 14-15, 2023 SOLD OUT

New dates coming for 2024!

Recent Thoughts from Our Participants

“We’ve had the opportunity to do a 3-day private couples intensive with Dr. John Gottman. We never got near to the emotional depth of experience in working with Joseph and Wendy at Hold Me Tight Seattle, on Sept 18th & 19th

We had huge emotional break throughs that we have both been avoiding – by tapping into our deep fears. We came to the workshop having not spoken with each other out of our “supervised” therapy (with Joseph) for over a week. We are leaving making plans for our future…and we can’t wait to get home to have sex!”

2021 Participant

I have spent years ignoring or stuffing my feelings. This workshop opened me and my partner to a whole new way of connecting with each other, that actually felt real!
2019 Participant

“We are an Indian physician couple who got stuck and drifted apart from each other over a decade. Even though we have cultural differences from the other participants, and the staff, we felt the program really work for us. We are so looking forward to reconnecting again.”
2021 Participant

“[This workshop] helped me get in touch with my inner fears and helped me share my fears in our private breakouts, in a way I felt heard and affirmed. That brought me truly closer to my husband.”
2021 Participant

The human environment you created was exceptional. We felt welcomed, safe, and without judgement. Incredible!”
2019 Participant

“If you are in a relationship for a day or 50 years this workshop is for you. I am walking away feeling closer to my partner that I have ever been or imagined.”  
2019 Participant

“I was completely unaware of just how emotionally shutdown I was. I was also completely against the thought of spending two days “doing therapy.” Yet, this was one of the greatest explorations of my emotional psychology that I could have ever dreamed of. If you are struggling with emotional disconnection please consider coming to this workshop. From someone that didn’t want to come, I am sold and would recommend the workshop to anyone that has these struggles. Thank you so much!!”
2019 Participant

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