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Join the Premier Hold Me Tight® Weekend Couple Workshops with a team of veteran EFT Couple Therapists.

Led by Certified EFT Couple Therapist and Supervisor, Dennis Eames, MS, LMFT, & Kim Eames, MA, LMFTA.

An intimate, 2-day, in-person weekend workshop limited to only 8 couples.

Designed to rebuild love bonds and deepen connection through a deeply experiential process, based on over 30 years of EFT research and the work of Dr. Sue Johnson.

Work directly with experienced EFT therapists in private break-out sessions, to give you the safe space to put everything you’re learning into practice.

Heal old attachment wounds, break long-running patterns, and reconnect in a way you never could before.

Includes one follow-up, private session at no additional fee!

Upcoming In-Person Dates:

Sept 14-15, 2024
Oct 19-20, 2024

2025 Winter & Spring Dates:
Coming Soon

Recent Thoughts from Our Participants

“We learned there is hope, reason for optimism. The highlight was admitting to my deepest fears, and not being rejected, critiqued, ridiculed. My wife really knows me and loves me, just the way I am. It was helpful to hear Kim and Dennis provide examples from their own relationship”.

- March 2024 Participant

“The cadence of the conversations was great. It gave background and information and then gave us time to really process and let it start to sink in.”​
-March 2024 Participant

“The highlight of this weekend was me actually discovering how I felt and how my past experiences were shaping my interactions with my spouse. I want to have more of me discovering my emotions, reasons, and motivations while I’m sharing with my wife. Delving deeper into my locked away emotions and experiences to contribute more.”

- March 2024 Participant

“I learned how to apply real empathy to responding to my partner’s hurts, instead of trying to make those hurts go away. I learned that I can respond empathetically to the impact of my actions even if the intent was good and the impact is not my fault. I tuned in more to the underlying causes of what I fear in our relationship.”
- April 2024 Participant

“Working with both Kim and Dennis was transformational.”

-April 2024 Participant

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How To Know When You’re Ready to Repair

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Discover Raws Spots & Transform Your Relationship

Discover Raws Spots & Transform Your Relationship

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