Another year of Hold Me Tight® Seattle workshops comes to an end as we look forward to a new year of couples workshops in Seattle, WA.

The takeaways our couples have been having are powerful reminders of why we do this…

“Our group de-briefs were powerful. Someone in the group would give voice to something I was feeling but could not quite put into words.”

“I wish it was longer, because I enjoyed it so much.”

“I was very nervous. I did not know what to expect, but the format was fantastic. Between the video’s, lecture, break-outs and debriefs…all were very powerful and for me truly life changing. We were close to divorce, but now we feel hope.”

“No more buts, no more cycling, and investigate with curiosity my partners emotional moments.”

“I truly got how ill prepared I was for relationship from my upbringing, and how common that is, and we can still be successful with mindful effort.”

“Really helped us to see how other couples struggle with similar problems.”

“I hadn’t realized how common it is for couples to struggle to express their needs and experience repair together. I thought it was perhaps just me who struggled with this issue. The workshop normalized my experience and made it possible for me to lean into repair.”

“I loved everything about this workshop. The creation of a safe environment to contain this process for all of us. I felt heard and understood by my partner and by all four therapists. Thank you for all this great help.”

“I really found out how Shame is so disconnecting for me. Underneath the shame is my sadness and fear. Once I shared the shame with my husband I could feel the sadness and then I felt vulnerable. When that happened I could really feel his love.”

As the year comes to a close, and a new year approaches, how about you?

Would you like to feel what our participants are experiencing for yourselves?

Do you know someone who could use this jumpstart to rebuilding their love bonds and a sense of deep, personal connection?

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