Love listens, it has no need to control

It does not fix

It listens with patience, with compassion, with curiosity, strength and courage

It knows its own limits and knows when to hold, it holds, and let’s be… 

Love listens and knows that taking control steals from its loved ones the ability to self sooth

Love knows the ability to not run from pain, from shame, from fear and hurt

It listens and holds until truly called forth 

Love listens and knows its own limits

And when those limits are reached to quietly and compassionately sit and hold, to let be…

It knows it can share its own fear, its own pain

It knows that fixing a loved one steals from the loved one

Steals the loved one’s sense of self 

A sense of self so needed to grow, to sense, to feel, to thrive 

To grow and become strong, free from the pain of not knowing, not knowing…am I safe, am I wanted?

To calm and breathe and settle into one’s own knowing that they too can love, to listen, and hold…

To love and listen and breathe and not control…to let be…

To let be into a love that needs not to control…