For those wanting to add some spice and connection to their relationship, we have 3 ways to do just that with the 3 commitments that foster profound connection.

  1. Commit Time: Plan for intentional time for the two of you this year. Maybe that is a daily or weekly time dedicated to enjoying each other, or maybe a weekend get away- just the two of you. There’s no better tonic than devoting some time for each other.
  2. Commit Emotion: Talk about how you’re feeling in the relationship and be curious about your partner’s experience in the relationship. Focus on what you are experiencing (excitement, sadness, loneliness, satisfaction) and not on what your partner is doing “right” or “wrong”. The most important thing we really want is to feel safe, heard, and accepted without judgement. It’s amazing how far a little of this goes!
  3. Commit to a transformative experience to focus entirely on rekindling your love and connection. Our next couples workshop on March 2nd-3rd will help you deepen love bonds, strengthen connection, and spark new life in your relationship.